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Mã sản phẩm: CBS350-48T-4G-EU

Cisco Business 350 Series 48x10/100/1000 ports
Cisco Business 350 Series CBS350-48T-4G, CBS350-48T-4G-EU, CBS350-48T-4G-xx 48x10/100/1000 ports PoE+ 4xGigabit SFP.

Thông số kỹ thuật


Capacity in Millions of Packets per Second (mpps) (64-byte packets)


Switching Capacity in Gigabits per Second (Gbps)


Layer 2 Switching


Spanning Tree Protocol

Standard 802.1d Spanning Tree support

Fast convergence using 802.1w (Rapid Spanning Tree [RSTP]), enabled by default

Multiple Spanning Tree instances using 802.1s (MSTP); 8 instances are supported

Per-VLAN Spanning Tree Plus (PVST+) and Rapid PVST+ (RPVST+); 126 instances are supported

Port grouping/link aggregation

Support for IEEE 802.3ad Link Aggregation Control Protocol (LACP)
- Up to 8 groups
- Up to 8 ports per group with 16 candidate ports for each (dynamic) 802.3ad link aggregation


Support for up to 4,094 VLANs simultaneously
Port-based and 802.1Q tag-based VLANs; MAC-based VLAN; protocol-based VLAN; IP subnet-based VLAN
Management VLAN
Private VLAN with promiscuous, isolated, and community port
Private VLAN Edge (PVE), also known as protected ports, with multiple uplinks
Guest VLAN, unauthenticated VLAN
Dynamic VLAN assignment via RADIUS server along with 802.1x client authentication

Voice VLAN

Voice traffic is automatically assigned to a voice-specific VLAN and treated with appropriate levels of QoS. Auto voice capabilities deliver network wide zero-touch deployment of voice endpoints and call control devices

Multicast TV VLAN

Multicast TV VLAN allows the single multicast VLAN to be shared in the network while subscribers remain in separate VLANs. This feature is also known as Multicast VLAN Registration (MVR)

VLAN Translation

Support for VLAN One-to-One Mapping. In VLAN One-to-One Mapping, on an edge interface customer VLANs (C-VLANs) are mapped to service provider VLANs (S-VLANs) and the original C-VLAN tags are replaced by the specified S-VLAN


VLANs transparently cross a service provider network while isolating traffic among customers

Selective Q-in-Q

Selective Q-in-Q is an enhancement to the basic Q-in-Q feature and provides, per edge interface, multiple mappings of different C-VLANs to separate S-VLANs
Selective Q-in-Q also allows configuring of Ethertype (Tag Protocol Identifier [TPID]) of the S-VLAN tag
Layer 2 protocol tunneling over Q-in-Q is also supported

Generic VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP)/Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP)

Generic VLAN Registration Protocol (GVRP) and Generic Attribute Registration Protocol (GARP) enable automatic propagation and configuration of VLANs in a bridged domain

Unidirectional Link Detection (UDLD)

UDLD monitors physical connection to detect unidirectional links caused by incorrect wiring or cable/port faults to prevent forwarding loops and black holing of traffic in switched networks

Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) Relay at Layer 2

Relay of DHCP traffic to DHCP server in different VLAN; works with DHCP Option 82

Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) versions 1, 2, and 3 snooping

IGMP limits bandwidth-intensive multicast traffic to only the requesters; supports 2K multicast groups (source-specific multicasting is also supported)

IGMP Querier

IGMP querier is used to support a Layer 2 multicast domain of snooping switches in the absence of a multicast router

Head-of-Line (HOL) blocking

HOL blocking prevention

Loopback Detection

Loopback detection provides protection against loops by transmitting loop protocol packets out of ports on which loop protection has been enabled. It operates independently of STP

Layer 3

IPv4 routing
- Wirespeed routing of IPv4 packets
- Up to 990 static routes and up to 128 IP interfaces
IPv6 routing
Layer 3 Interface
-Configuration of Layer 3 interface on physical port, Link Aggregation (LAG), VLAN interface, or loopback interface
Classless Interdomain Routing (CIDR)
Policy-Based Routing (PBR)
DHCP Server
DHCP relay at Layer 3
User Datagram Protocol (UDP) relay


Secure Shell (SSH) Protocol
Secure Sockets Layer (SSL)
IEEE 802.1X (Authenticator role)
Web-based authentication
STP Bridge Protocol Data Unit (BPDU) Guard
STP Root Guard
STP loopback guard
DHCP snooping
IP Source Guard (IPSG)
Dynamic ARP Inspection (DAI)
IP/MAC/Port Binding (IPMB)
Secure Core Technology (SCT)
Secure Sensitive Data (SSD)
Trustworthy systems
Private VLAN
Layer 2 isolation Private VLAN Edge (PVE) with community VLAN
Port security
RADIUS accounting
Storm control
DoS prevention
Multiple user privilege levels in CLI
ACLs Support for up to 1,024 rules


Web user interface
Remote Monitoring (RMON)
IPv4 and IPv6 dual stack
Firmware upgrade
Port mirroring
VLAN mirroring
DHCP (options 12, 66, 67, 82, 129, and 150)
Secure Copy (SCP)
Autoconfiguration with Secure Copy (SCP) file download
Text-editable config files
Auto Smartports
Textview CLI
Cloud services
Embedded Probe for Cisco Business Dashboard
Cisco Network Plug and Play (PnP) agent
Login banner
Other management

Power consumption


System Power Consumption


Power Consumption (with PoE)


Heat Dissipation (BTU/hr)




Total System Ports

52 Gigabit Ethernet

RJ-45 Ports

48 Gigabit Ethernet

Combo Ports(RJ 45 + Small form-factor pluggable [SFP])


Console port

Cisco Standard mini USB Type-B / RJ45 console port

USB slot

USB Type-A slot on the front panel of the switch for easy file and image management


Reset button

Cabling type

Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) Category 5e or better for 1000BASE-T


System, Link/Act, PoE, Speed


256 MB


800 MHz ARM

Packet buffer

1.5 MB



Unit dimensions (W x H x D)

445 x 273 x 44 mm (17.5 x 10.73 x 1.73 in)

Unit weight

3.95 kg (8.71 lb)


100-240V 50-60 Hz, internal, universal


23° to 122°F (-5° to 50°C)

Storage temperature

-13° to 158°F (-25° to 70°C)

Operating humidity

10% to 90%, relative, noncondensing

Storage humidity

10% to 90%, relative, noncondensing

Acoustic noise and Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF)




Acoustic Noise


MTBF at 25°C (hours)


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